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Read's 'Occupy Pacifica' coming to radio

Dec 10, 2011 1:53 pm
Mark Read, a WGXC volunteer who works on the "To Be Determined" show on the second Sundays of the month at 6 p.m. on WGXC, is now Coordinating Producer for "Occupy Pacifica," a new pilot series on the Pacifica radio network. "I am currently seeking content in the form of produced segments covering the #occupations near you. If you are aware of any material, or any producers that have been covering #occupations, please let me know, and/or put producers in touch with me," Read writes. Read also recently coordinated the video projection on the side of a large building in downtown Manhattan visible from the Brooklyn Bridge, during a major "Occupy Wall Street" protest there. Following that, Read was interviewed on WGXC, "The Rachel Maddow Show," and other media outlets. WGXC will air "Occupy Pacifica," though not yet at a particular time.

The broadcast schedule and themes for "Occupy Pacifica" as follows:

December 14th- "#Occupy: Movement or Moment." What started as a relatively small protest and encampment in the financial district of New York City quickly spread as a meme across the country and around the world, and thus the #occupy phenomenon was launched. But is it accurate to characterize this as a movement? Is the distinction meaningful or anachronistic? How would a phenomenon develop into a movement and would that be a good idea? These are some of the questions that the first program of #Occupy Pacifica will tackle.

December 28th- "The Culture of Resistance." What are the cultural commonalities amongst various #occupations, and what are the differences? How does culture impact the political aspirations and identity of a community? How open and accessible is the culture of #occupy? How can art and culture be used to "redistribute the sensible" and prepare the ground for radical change? Learn about the culture of #occupy in this second episode of #Occupy Pacifica.

January 11th- "Beyond #Occupation." What visions and dreams is #occupy fighting for? What would be considered a "win?" What do various #occupations see as the next steps for this nascent movement? What will we see 6 months from now? One year from now? Five years? Listen to the voices of #occupiers from around the world as we try to piece together the visionary elements of this uprising and discuss how we begin to walk towards those horizons.