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Cairo Nature Center closes again

Jul 12, 2012 6:20 am
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Cairo environmental activist Neal Schoenfeld is often dumbfounded that the Town of Cairo keeps closing the Cairo Nature Center that he and others worked hard to open in 2007. Shortly after the park opened Cairo closed it, "for a year to argue about what sort of permit process should be instituted, eventually closing the park off to everyone except Cairo town residents who pay a $15 fee," according to a WGXC Newsroom story from 2009. "Another project, another roadblock," was the headline in the Greenville Press at the time. Recently Susan Campriello in The Daily Mail wrote about a Wed., May 23, 2012 town board meeting, "The area is not physically closed to the public, according to Robert Hempstead, head of the town’s highway department and its parks, buildings, and grounds department. But it is not technically open, either, said Town Supervisor Ted Banta." Schoenfeld on the "WGXC Afternoon Show" with Ron Diamondstein at the Catskill Community Center Wed., July 11 says, six weeks later, the town has not provided a definitive answer. Click here to hear the excerpt of the interview with Schoenfeld, the Chairman of the town's Cairo Nature Center Committee talking about whether the Center will reopen.