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Rensselaer guard gets $3 million for sexual harassment

Aug 16, 2015 12:02 am
Brendan J. Lyons in the Albany Times-Union reports that a state appeals court increased the financial damages Rensselaer County must pay to a former female jail sergeant, a sexual harassment victim by a group of male officers at the facility. Former sergeant Lora Abbott Seabury gets $3 million, including a lump sum of up to $1.46 million from Rensselaer County for the state pension she would have received if she had stayed on the job, plus $580,995 in lost wages. A clique of jail officers known as the "Boys Club" harassed her, and sheriff's officials at the jail engaged in "deliberate inaction" about the harassment, a court previously ruled. Seabury left her job on disability in 2010 and was under the care of a doctor for serious emotional trauma and depression, and eventually got a job at Walmart. Read the full story in the Albany Times-Union.