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Radio Roundup

Oct 25, 2014 12:02 am
[caption width="240" align="alignright"] Mount Greylock, from Wikipedia.[/caption]NOAA Weather Radio WWF-48 Greylock remains off the air. The local weather radio station at 162.525 MHz on Mount Greylock in Western Massachusetts has been off the air since at least Oct. 1, and NOAA guesses it may be back by Oct. 31. There are still other local weather stations, with information on WXM-82 in Egremont, MA, at 162.450 MHz and WXM-68 in Ames Hill, Vermont at 162.425.

Mid-Hudson News reports that The Greene County Emergency Services Department will conduct a test of the county’s CodeRed System on Wed., Oct. 29. Greene County residents who are signed up for the service will receive an automated phone message during the test.

Daniel Mackay, Ian Solomon and Ned Sullivan, of Scenic Hudson, spoke on WAMC (90.3-FM) about the high-voltage transmission lines this week. New York State Electric and Gas Company wants to upgrade power lines to move more electricity to New York City customers. Click here to listen to the hour-long discussion.