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Five year old left on a Catskill school bus

Feb 15, 2011 6:27 am
Here's a scary one: A school bus aide left a 5-year old girl on a Coxsackie Transport bus after Monday’s pre-K and Kindergarten run to Catskill Elementary School, and the child, a kindergartner, was later safely returned after being observed walking along Route 9W by Catskill Animal Control Officer Aaron Claus, who brought her to the Catskill Village Police Department. A Daily Mail story on the instance noted that by day's end, the aide was dismissed from Coxsackie Transport’s employ, and the driver transferred. “This morning, regrettably, human error came into play, and a 5-year-old student who was sleeping on the bus did not exit, and the aide assigned to the bus did not do a physical sweep to make sure all students had exited,” said CSD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kathleen Farrell. “Neither the driver nor the aide are our employees; they both work for Coxsackie Transport.” Farrell added that the two adults went for a coffee break after parking the bus in the Catskill Commons Wal-Mart parking lot, which is apparently used as a staging area for the company’s buses when not in use during the school day. There, the student woke up, exited the bus, and started walking north on Route 9W to her friend’s house. Farrell said no one was home at that residence, however, so the child continued to walk along 9W, with the intent of going home. That's when she was picked up... and eventually returned to school. Yikes.