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Preliminary results show some lead in Chatham schools water

Jun 30, 2016 7:00 am

Karrie Allen is reporting in the Chatham Courier the preliminary results of water testing in the Chatham schools are in, and the findings indicate some elevated lead levels. Superintendent Cheryl Nuciforo advised parents in a letter earlier this month that most of the areas showing high lead levels were "not typically used for consumption (such as bathroom or science laboratory sinks)." However, elevated levels were also measured at drinking fountains or faucets used for drinking water and food preparation. The water samples were drawn in the morning when levels would be at their highest, Nuciforo said, after water had been resting in pipes and fixtures for a long period of time. District officials shut off faucets and fountains where water was not absolutely necessary, and bottled water was provided in some classrooms. In classrooms, bathrooms and science labs where water is needed, bottled water was provided and signs were posted warning the water was not to be consumed. Over the summer the district will work with the county Department of Health, the safety service at Questar III BOCES and the district architect to develop a remediation plan. The water test results can be found online at Chatham Central schools [dot] com. Read the full story in the Chatham Courier.