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Tuesday headlines

May 31, 2011 1:34 am
Cairo American Legion holds Memorial Day ceremony
WGXC recorded the Memorial Day Ceremony put on by the American Legion Mohican Post #983 from Cairo Mon. May 30 in Angelo Canna Park. Click here to listen to an mp3 recording of the ceremony.[caption id="attachment_11964" align="alignright" width="450" caption="Cairo American Legion Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony. Photo by Tom Roe."][/caption]

Crews at the ready, but Phase II of Hudson River dredging delayed by Spring flooding
Paul Post in The Saratogian reports General Electric's dredging crews return upstream on the Hudson River this week, restarting a PCB cleanup project delayed this spring by Hudson River by nearly a month. "River flows need to come down on a sustained basis," said Mark Behan, a GE spokesman, in the story. "There’s still fluctuations over the last day or so. We’re monitoring it daily." GE must clean up 40 miles of river bottom from Fort Edward to Troy. The company discharged PCBs into the Hudson from the 1940s to 1977. In 2009 the company removed 283,000 cubic yards of PCB-laden sediment from the river. After studying that sediment, in December, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reported more than twice as many PCBs as originally predicted in the Hudson River. Read the full report in The Saratogian.

Stewart’s recalls some ice cream
The Columbia Paper reports that local Stewart’s Shops recalled 19 ice cream items manufactured in its Greenfield plant since May 19 because "foreign material" may have gotten in the ice cream. The following flavors, sizes and product codes may be affected: No Sugar Added, pint , 1136; Cookie Whirled, 3 gallon, 5/17/2011; Mint Chip, half gallon, 1137; Crumbs along the Mohawk, half gallon, 1137; Crumbs along the Mohawk, pint, 1138; Vanilla Chocolate, half gallon, 1138; Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, half gallon, 1139; Peanut Butter Pandemonium, half gallon, 1139; Rainbow Sherbet, 3 gallon, 5/20/2011; Rainbow Sherbet, half gallon, 5/20/2011; Chocolate Trifecta, half gallon, 1140; Chocolate, half gallon, 1143; Chocolate Marshmallow, half gallon, 1143; Black Cherry, pint, 1144; Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, pint, 1144; Mint Cookie Crumble, 3 gallon, 5/24/2011; Mint Cookie Crumble, half gallon, 1144; Rainbow Sherbet, 3 gallon, 5/25/2011; Rainbow Sherbet, half gallon, 1145. "All of the above flavors were distributed in cartons or boxes bearing Plant #36-3918 directly to Stewart’s Shops in New York and southern Vermont. Anyone who has one or more of these items with the above mentioned product code, should return it to the shop where it was purchased for a full refund. Consumers with questions can contact Stewart’s Shops Consumer Affairs at (518) 581-1201 X 2130.," the story reports. Read the full report in The Columbia Paper.

Pulcher out, successors line up
Mike McCagg in ccSCOOP reports Stockport Supervisor Leo Pulcher will not seek reelection in November because his wife has been battling a serious illness. “If I weren’t up for reelection, I would probably resign,” said Pulcher, who has held office for a decade. “Family comes first.” McCagg considers who might replace Pulcher, a discovers a startling statistic: "A vacancy on the Town Board earlier this year drew 13 applications, one for about every 220 residents in the town." McCagg names board member Matt Murrell, Stockport fire chief Jeff Seymour, and Ernie Belanger, as those who might run for Pulcher's seat. Read the whole story in ccScoop.