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Radio News: FCC announces plans to scrap net neutrality

Nov 21, 2017 10:50 pm
Politico outlines the various parts of Federal Communications Commissioner Ajit Pai's proposal to dismantle net neutrality. Internet service providers now be able to charge different amounts for various services. So there might be a basic fee for sending email, and consumers can pay a little more to use the internet, a little more to use an audio service such as Spotify, and a little more to watch video streams, or live webcasts. At the FCC's Dec. 14 meeting, the Republican commissioners will win a 3-2 vote that also will get rid of the so-called general conduct standard, which allows the FCC authority to police behavior by internet service providers. And the FCC will let the Federal Trade Commission decide whether internet service providers are acting in an anti-competitive manner. Earlier this month, the FCC allowed broadcasters to own more media companies such as other radio or television stations and a daily newspaper in towns around the country. When the Obama administration had a 3-2 majority on the FCC and passed the net neutrality rules in 2015, AT&T, USTelecom, and other industry trade groups took them to court. This time net neutrality advocates will take the FCC to court, after the inevitable Dec. 14 vote.