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Hunter space where everything is free

Jul 29, 2021 4:44 am

Pearl Cadigan reports in the Times Union that Mars Abrahamsen has started a free market in Hunter. Phoenix Web Collective, at 7947 Main Street in Hunter, isn't a store, but has items available for giveaway, not for sale. “There’s only so much stuff that I needed or wanted, but there’s all this other good stuff that I’m [thinking] like, ‘This is just going to be in a landfill and it’s still good,’ and I can’t in my right mind just leave it,” Abrahamsen said. “The need here is so grand…. Hunter is the fifth poorest town in New York,” with 20.5 percent of Hunter residents living at or below the poverty line. “People come in … and they don’t have any money and they want to make their daughter’s birthday special, and they find things that their kid goes wild over,” Abrahamsen said. The space gives away things in the front, and hosts a “Maker’s Space" filled with art supplies in the back. Down the mountain, the Catskill Community Fridge at the corner of Water and Bridge Sts. in Catskill, has the same policy, with everything inside free to those in need. Read more about this story in the Times Union.