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Ashland mulls stopping town hall/firehouse rebuild because of the cold and its related costs

Jan 20, 2011 7:03 am
The Town of Ashland in Greene County's western Mountaintop area, which lost its town hall and firehouse to fire a little over a year ago, discussed stopping its current construction of a replacement facility at a town board meeting on January 14. According to a story in the Daily Mail from reporter Michael Ryan, frigid temperatures and the associated expense of keeping poured concrete warm as it dries had caused town board members to have second thoughts about proceeding further this winter.
Engineers have estimated that as much as $10,000 will be spent on propane heaters and coverings to slowly cure the various footings and foundation walls for the structure, which replaces a facility lost to fire a year ago. There is also a need to install temporary corner shoring, due to the freezing weather. Interior flooring won't be set until after the building is put up, giving rise to concerns about heavy snow and high wind loading. Local officials felt helpless, watching what they believed were thousands of extra dollars piling up, summoning representatives from Delaware Engineering and Gallo Construction to the table, last Friday afternoon.
Although Ryan reported that town elders didn't prefer a slow down, because of the delay of several months that would result, they are worried about money. Like all government, business, and most local residents these days. For the full story read The Daily Mail.