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New Albany weather center tracks storm

Dec 11, 2023 11:06 pm

Carina Dominguez reports for News10 that the season's first winter storm was also a first test for the new New York State Weather Risk Communication Center at UAlbany’s Atmospheric Sciences Research Center. Trey Ryan, one of the three meteorologists working for the new center, said, "First things first we went through and saw what happened.... So snowfalls, wind gusts, rain totals. We compared a few different sites from the MESONET and the National Weather Service and we tried to compile it into our briefing for emergency managers so they can refer to it for their actions.” Nick Bassill, the director of the center, said this storm was typical of the kind this area sees when it gets warmer. He said, “It’s a really wet kind of snow, and that’s a signal that scientists have said that we should expect more of as we continue with climate change. We’re gonna have more of those kinds of mixed precipitation, wet-snow, rain-snow challenges.” Read more about this story at News10.