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Police asked to investigate online threats to candidate Niccoli

Jul 14, 2016 6:30 am

Matthew Hamilton is reporting in the Times Union the New York State Police said Wed., Jul. 13, they are reviewing a request to investigate a series of comments made online threatening the life of state Senate candidate, Democrat Sara Niccoli. Niccoli is challenging incumbent state Sen. George Amedore, a Republican from Rotterdam, in the 46th District. The threatening comments appeared on a Facebook post attacking Niccoli, whose Quaker faith prohibits her from reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. The post appeared shortly before the July 4 weekend on the Facebook page entitled, "The REAL Sara Niccoli." The page is similar to other pages aimed at Democrats running for the state Senate. Both the post and the page were deleted by early Wednesday evening. The post called it unacceptable that Niccoli does not recite the pledge. "Tell Sara Niccoli to honor America!" the June 29 post stated. Two Palatine Town Board members sent a letter to the state police and Gov. Andrew Cuomo requesting an investigation. The letter made reference to “hateful comments, including death threats and violent imagery.” The two officials also asked the police to reveal the identity of the Facebook page administrator. Niccoli told the Associated Press this week she believes the attacks were orchestrated by Amedore, a charge his campaign denied. Amedore told the Times Union, “If she chooses not to recite the Pledge of Allegiance based on her religious belief, that’s her choice. Just like it’s my choice to try to be a man of faith and a man of conviction, to believe in God and that Jesus is my Lord and savior.” Read the full story in the Times Union.