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Global Partners spills a little oil at Port of Albany

May 21, 2015 12:03 am
Brian Nearing in the Albany Times-Union reports that 420 gallons of either crude oil or diesel fuel spilled at the Port of Albany on May 19, but did not reach the Hudson River according to the state Department of Environmental Conservation. Two workers at the Global Partners oil terminal were taken to Albany Medical Center after being sprayed with fuel when a hose came loose. Albany County Executive Dan McCoy used the minor incident to lobby against a request by Global to add a plant at the site to heat crude oil and make it easier to ship during cold weather. "Today's oil spill clearly demonstrates further review needs to be done before any permits for expansion are issued," said McCoy. "What if that oil had been Canadian tar sands (oil) and leaked into the Hudson River? That would have been disastrous." Read the full story in the Albany Times-Union.