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Wednesday headlines

Feb 23, 2011 6:23 am
Siblings die in police shootouts 4 years apart
The Lee Welch murder/suicide story that involved the murder of a Poughkeepsie city police officer is given an eerie shadow in the Daily Mail and Register-Star via an Andrew Amelinckx story about how a brother of Welch's, Aaron Brevoort, was killed during a similar shooting standoff with police in Springfield, MA on March 13, 2007, when he was wanted for violating parole in Columbia County for a 2006 third-degree burglary conviction for which he served 10 months in prison. Both were 28 at the time of their deaths.

Reassessment notices in the mail
The Town of Claverack is moving ahead smoothly with its reval, an issue that frightens many local towns, with the Register-Star announcing that disclosure notices have been mailed to all property owners in the town with a reminder that property owners should check their full home value and start putting evidence together if thinking of filing a complaint, for which informal reviews will be held March 3 through 19. Appointments will be required.

Green light on fed stimulus funds
The Times Union notes that the organization Environmental Advocates approved of the $5 billion left for stimulus projects in the state, with much of it going to public transportation. Not mentioned is what Congress will now allow... or cut from promised monies.

Killings in Poughkeepsie spur call for tougher domestic violence laws
Advocate calls for increased outreach efforts to assist victims of crimes involving domestic violence, as well as funding for a Special Victims Unit that handles the prosecution of all domestic violence-related crimes, continue to rise in the face of the Lee Welch murder/suicide last Friday, according to the Mid Hudson News Network. Maybe even the promised cuts to such services may now be reversed.

A new attack against a looming green menace?
The Watershed Post and Berkshire Eagle have stories up about the insatiable emerald ash borer, an invasive insect that is death to ash trees that has already been spotted in the Catskills, noting that a new methodology of treatment called "trunk injection" is moving folks away from calls to eradicate all ash trees in the state as a means of "protecting" them.