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Ryan holds town hall meeting in Kingston

Jun 06, 2023 12:45 pm

Austin Jefferson reports in the Daily Freeman that Rep. Pat Ryan held a town hall gathering at Congregation Emanuel in Kingston on June 4, said he is concerned that fellow lawmakers are pushing back on “common sense” gun legislation and fact-finding efforts targeting antisemitism and hate groups. Ryan, a Democrate who represents the 18th Congressional District, is part of an antisemitism task force that has requested funding from the Department of Homeland Security to begin a study of Holocaust education’s prevalence in the nation’s public schools after Republican lawmakers blocked funding from other sources. Ryan said, “I risked my life for this country for fundamental rights and freedoms that we just cannot let be taken away from us.... Those are red lines.” On migrants arriving in the Hudson Valley Ryan said, “We need real federal resources to deal with a federal problem,” adding that the federal government should declare a state of emergency to free up resources to combat the crisis. Ryan also said House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is blocking gun legislation. Ryan said, “No Republicans are speaking out and saying we want a vote on this. There’s not a small extreme sector, it’s the entire group, unfortunately. I think it’s a real shame.” Read more about this story in the Daily Freeman.