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Cross endorsements decide Catskill Village races

Jan 25, 2011 5:59 am
Forgean about a debate of issues in the Village of Catskill for the March 15 election with local Republicans deciding Monday to cross-endorse the sole Democratic candidate this season, Trustee Joseph Kozloski, and Dems having already cross-endorsed the GOP's William Wooton for Village Justice, the race is ostensibly over. The Daily Mail reports that the decision paves the way for all but guaranteed third terms for the two candidates, and emerged after the Catskill village Republican party failed to recruit a candidate interested in the trustee position. "As with the Democratic caucus, some Republicans questioned whether cross-endorsing was a good idea," reporter Doron Tyler Antrim wrote. "But considering it was the only option, the debate was brief."

In nearby Athens, meanwhile, local Republicans meet tonight to decide who will face a full slate of Democrats running for two trustee positions, the mayor's office, and a village justice slot (despite the village facing a referendum on whether to combine justice services with the surrounding Town of Athens). At a caucus last week, Dems gave the nod to Mayor Andrea Smallwood for a third term, Trustee Robert June is up for his second term, and newcomer Anthony Patsky is making his bid for village trustee, replacing current Dem Trustee Tom Sopris. Running for Village Justice is David Cole, seeking a second term in that post. Today is the last day for a party to hold a caucus. Village trustees serve three years. Justices serve two years.