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Concern grows over possible SNAP cuts

Jun 06, 2017 12:04 am

Dan Freedman is reporting in the Times Union about mounting concerns over the impact of proposed federal budget cuts to the food stamp program totaling $193 billion over 10 years. In New York, 2.9 million people benefit from food stamps, now known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP. New York's is the nation's fourth largest program. Mark Quandt, Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York executive director, said, "The need is real...." He said people are seeking help because times are tough. SNAP is paid for by Washington, and if the proposed federal budget is put in place, roughly 25 percent of the cost would be passed on to the states. U.S. Rep. John Faso does not support the administration's proposal. "I am opposed to shifting SNAP program costs to the states in the manner suggested by the administration," Faso said in a statement. "...As a member of the Budget Committee I am always looking for program efficiencies and savings, but I do not support the SNAP proposal as submitted." Quandt's food bank serves 1,000 agencies, and depends on USDA food surplus. That program, The Emergency Food Assistance Program, provides a wide variety of products, but the administration's budget also targets the food assistance program for major cuts as well, Quandt said. "None of it makes any sense," he said. Read the full story in the Times Union.