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National headlines 3/8/11

Mar 08, 2011 4:34 pm
Democrats roll out climate change big guns, Republicans remain immune
The Guardian reports, incredulously, about the March 8 congressional hearings on climate change, where the nation's partisan divides failed to shift and more Republicans backed the idea that the world's scientific community was wrong. The House GOP is readying to move as early as March 10 to vote on a bill that would permanently block the Environmental Protection Agency from reducing greenhouse gas emissions from factories and would block any further reductions of car exhaust emissions after 2016.

Tea party steeped in redistricting
Alex Isenstadt at Politico has a piece about how tea party activists are now taking on redistricting across the nation, attempting to further the political gains it made last fall by working with state legislators to redraw the congressional landscape in their favor.

Tri-Valley fallout: US Senators ask for crackdown of illegal use of student visas
The Times of India looks into a little-known effort by four American Senators, including Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein, to launch an "immediate crackdown" on illegal use of student visas by foreign nationals to attend sham universities. "While many in India believe the students were victims, the U.S lawmakers said in a letter to immigration authorities that universities which exist solely to allow any foreign national with sufficient resources -- including potential criminals and terrorists -- to unlawfully enter the United States could endanger American national security." Talk about two perspectives...

House GOP Plans For More Short-Term Funding Extensions
Huffington Post's Elise Foley has some original reporting on House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy reaffirming that House Republicans would push for another temporary extension on government funding, despite concerns from the White House that heated debates surrounding a string of short-term budget stopgaps could roil skittish markets. He said Republicans will include at least $2 billion in funding cuts per week to meet their goal of trimming $60 billion from the budget by fiscal year's end. He added that the GOP still has "quite a few" ideas for additional cuts.

Machete-Wielding Sheen 'Free' After Sitcom Firing
Fox News runs a story on the Hollywood bad boy near the top of its webpage, noting how "Charlie Sheen waves machete after Warner Bros. terminates actor from CBS' 'Two and a Half Men'"