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Two GOP senators looking to amend bail reform law

Nov 08, 2019 1:15 pm
Anne McCloy is reporting for WRGB-TV state Senators Sue Serino and Patrick Gallivan have proposed new legislation that would amend the state's new bail reform law. Serino and Gallivan, both Republicans, are being supported in their effort by law enforcement and prosecutors who believe the law, as currently written, will put public safety in jeopardy. “If a person commits aggravated assault on a child that person will not qualify for bail,” said Serino. Under the new law, set to take effect January 1, anyone charged with misdemeanors or non-violent felonies will be released until trial. Serino and Gallivan have proposed the law be amended to give judges more power to decide which of the accused will stay in jail. Their proposal would also expand the list of domestic violence offenses that would make an accused ineligible for conditional release. Asked for comment about the proposed amendment, a spokesperson for Gov. Andrew Cuomo said a nearly identical bail reform law was passed in New Jersey years ago, and since that time overall crime has decreased with no significant increases in re-offenses or failures to appear. "Politicians taking cues from Trump's cheap fearmongering should knock it off and focus on the facts," Cuomo's spokesperson said. Read the full story at CBS6Albany [dot] com.