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Cuomo is fighting against his left

Jul 09, 2015 12:02 am
Albany's Capitol Confidential blog writes about a spat between New York City mayor Bill de Blasio and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, describing this Cuomo quote: “'Look, the mayor was obviously frustrated he did not get everything he wanted from the legislative session,' said Cuomo, speaking slowly as if to educate a small child." That came after de Blasio accused the governor of exacting “some kind of revenge or vendetta” on those who challenge him. But Cuomo can teach de Blasio about how Albany works. “There is something that we have in Albany that you don’t have here in New York City, which is called a Republican house,” Cuomo said. But Gawker points out that, "New York has a Republican Senate in large part because — maybe, at this point, solely because — New York’s governor wants the Senate to be controlled by Republicans.... Voters have voted for a Democratic majority. Sources have told political reporters that Governor Cuomo played an integral role in arranging an alliance between Senate Republicans and a small cadre of Democratic senators who split from the party in order to ensure continued Republican control of the chamber. It’s something of an open secret in Albany that Governor Cuomo doesn’t campaign for Democratic challengers to incumbent Republican senators during election seasons. Governor Cuomo even signed off on a legislative redistricting plan designed to protect incumbent (Republican) senators by freezing their gerrymandered district lines for a decade. Republicans have managed to maintain their Senate majority (a majority they hold by one seat, at the moment) because of the extraordinary work Governor Cuomo has done on their behalf."
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