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Gibson talks Syria, farming and bi-partisanship

Aug 29, 2013 6:54 am
[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="154"] U.S. Rep. Chris Gibson[/caption]

U.S. Rep. Chris Gibson was the featured guest on WGXC's "The Right Opinion," Wed., Aug. 28. In a far-ranging conversation with guest host Holly Tanner, Gibson discussed the ongoing events in Syria, which he called "a humanitarian crisis," expressing his strong objection to the possibility of American military intervention in the conflict. PLAY (1:19). Gibson also discussed the Farm Bill and the unique issues facing local farmers. He said the 2010 Census showed evidence of a growing farming community in the Hudson Valley and in Columbia County, in particular --- a reverse of the national trend. PLAY (:35) The second term Congressman also discussed his efforts to fight Lyme disease, a "major public health issue" in the region. PLAY (1:10). Gibson repeated his belief in a bi-partisan, common sense approach to public service throughout the interview. "To move the country forward, we must work together," Gibson said. He cited the passage of recent trade agreements, the transportation bill, veterans' bill and the student loan bill as evidence that his pragmatic, "no labels" approach is effective.

Listen to the full interview online at wgxc.org.