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Staying healthy

Dec 03, 2010 12:55 pm
Good and not-so-good news on the health front today. Starting with the latter, it seems that a new study by the University of Warwick in Britain and the Institute of Cancer, published in this month's British Journal of Cancer, has found that there is a correspondence between mens finger lengths and their chances of eventually coming down with prostate cancer. Seems the same gene connected to one's likelihood of having one is the same as that which shows up in men whose ring fingers are longer than their index fingers. On the good news front, it appears that brisk walking, for at least five miles a week, is the best exercise one can get for not only increasing one's longevity after the age of 60, but also for avoiding Alzheimer's and keeping one's mind at peak level. The kicker is that the new study out of the University of Pittsburgh, published in Happy Healthy Longer Life, indicates that it takes a year of walking to show positive effects. So forget all the moaning about no sidewalks and the cold weather. Hoof it, folks!