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Top Democrats promote Women's Equality Party

Aug 13, 2014 6:53 am
Patricia Doxsey is reporting in the Daily Freeman Democratic elected officials, candidates and supporters gathered Tues., Aug. 13 to promote the Women’s Equality Party and the creation of a Women’s Equality line on the November ballot. Kathy Hochul (HOH-kuhl), the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor.was at BSP on Wall Street in uptown Kingston with incumbent Democratic senators and assembly members from throughout the region. Sen. Cecilia Tkaczyk (KAT-chik) said, “We can send a very strong message when people vote on the Women’s Equality Party line." In addition to stumping for the creation of the new party, Hochul and others blasted the state Senate for declining to take up the Women’s Equality Act. She said the inaction was nothing short of an assault on women’s rights. Tkaczyk said one way to ensure the Women’s Equality Act is voted on is to elect more women to the state Senate. Read the full story in the Daily Freeman.