WGXC-90.7 FM

Apply for a Radio Show on WGXC 90.7-FM

Applications are received on a rotating basis. You will receive feedback on your proposal in approximately six weeks following a review by the WGXC staff. There are many ways to be on the air — if you wish to put forward an idea for a weekly or monthly program, or host a morning or afternoon show, performances, or plays for broadcast consideration, please complete the Program Application, below. Submit your idea for a radio feature or series of on-air segments by filling out the online Segment Application by clicking on the link above. No previous radio experience is necessary, and all ages are encouraged to apply. WGXC Volunteer Programmers who live or work in the FM coverage area are required to contribute a minimum of six volunteer hours to the station annually.

Online Applications

To submit a WGXC on-air proposal, please complete one of the online applications below, or at these links: Program Application, Segment Application. Alternatively, you may fill out an application in person at the WGXC Hudson studio at 369 Warren Street (4th Street entrance) in Hudson, NY, or at Wave Farm, 5662 Route 23 Acra, NY 12405.