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McColm Scheible Duo, Brode Luczak Duo, Hethemoon Shethesun, AAM

Apr 07, 2016: 7pm
My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

35 N Chestnut Street | New Paltz, New York 12561 | 845 233 1610

Ian McColm and Nate Scheible duo///(from DC on tour) experimental drum duo https://natescheible.bandcamp.com/ https://igmnoise.bandcamp.com/ Brode+Luczak duo///(NY) improvised music for guitar and drums http://www.lucasbrode.com/ http://mattluczak.bandcamp.com/ Hethemoon Shethesun///(NJ) a human collab with music artist Galvano Escopetarra and performing artist Anrrea Dune ..dedicated to love, creation and desire https://www.facebook.com/hethemoonshethesun/?pnref=lhc AAM///(NY) Alan Silverman-drums Matt "Gonzo" Royes-bass Ash Umhey-keyboard Blind the Animal and Run///(New Paltz) Max Rush-drums Josh Aaron Towers-bass