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Rinus Van Alebeek + Doug Van Nort

Sep 24, 2012: 8pm- 10pm
WGXC webstream from Spotty Dog Books & Ale

Webstream of Spotty Dog Books & Ale performances provided by WGXC.

The Spotty Dog 440 Warren St Hudson Rinus Van Alebeek is one of the premier artists in the field of cassette based performances in contemporary music. In his own words: “Initially I worked with magnetic tape, because my Sony Walkman was too beautiful. When I had to decide to buy a multi tracker, my friends advised me to go on with analogue, because of the warmth of it. Over the years I found, bought and was given dictaphones, cassette players, walkmen and multi trackers. By now I know how to use them. Half way through the nineties, when still a writer 24 hours a day I changed my approach. Until then inspired by facts as you can find them in footnotes, I realised that every fact of life was the result of accident or an initial idea. This meant that I could make up persons and stories up to a degree that it became difficult to believe whether these persons and facts were for real or not. Call it para-realism. Years later, it is exactly this para-realistic quality that you can find at the heart of my works. Sounds from different parts of the world, pieces of conversations are brought together. Our mind wants to understand the things we see or hear in a cognitive way. One of the main attractions of the use and sound of magnetic tape is what I call ‘The Tarkovskian Notion.’ Tarkovsky’s movies all have the same mesmerizing flow. By some experienced as unbearable slow, it is this camera movement that links the narration and the images to a general sense of time passing. If I remember well, it is in “The Mirror” that a longer shot of a flowing river is shown. The pace of the river is the same as the pace of Tarkovsky’s camera movement, but, in my ears also the same speed at which a cassette runs. And those cassettes play moments from a life that is passing by, or has passed by. A life that is full of stories.” -- ZEROMOON LABEL FOR INTELLIGENT NOISE MUSIC OF THE NON ENTERTAINMENT GENRE http://www.zeromoon.com http://0moon.tumblr.com http://twitter.com/zeromoon Violet - deconstructed musique concrete http://zeromoon.com/violet /////// DOUG VAN NORT: http://www.dvntsea.com/ Doug Van Nort is an experimental musician that explores the radical sculpting of recorded sound materials and electroacoustic improvisation. He loves noise, tone, texture, gesture, deep listening, immersion, machines that improvise, density, sparsity, loudness, softness. Van Nort regularly performs solo, in the trio Triple Point with Pauline Oliveros and Jonas Braasch, in a duo with Al Margolis (If, Bwana) and has collaborated recently with the Composers Inside Electronics, Francisco López and Judy Dunaway among many others. His music appears on several labels including Deep Listening, Pogus and Zeromoon.