Ecotone Radio

Hosted by DJ Pause.

Originally aired on free103point9 Online Radio Thursdays 11 a.m.-1 p.m. (ET, -4 GMT).

An ecotone is the transitional area between two different ecosystems. Its the place where grassland becomes dune, jungle becomes desert, city becomes suburb. An ecotone can be a slow crossfade or a jagged splice. Ecotone radio seeks to explore the overlaps and disjunctions between competing musical ecosystems, the dialouges, wars, orgies, transmigrations, spats, group meditations, flash floods, reincarnations, and identity crisises that happen when different spheres of activity meet each other. Covering genres as broad as reggae, bassline, dub, dancehall, cosmic jazz, ragga, reggaeton, ragga-jungle, calypso, kwaito, dub-step, minimal, kuduro, electroacoustic, down-tempo, highlife, ambient, manzuma, hiplife, noise, hiphop, grime, breaks, bass, IDM, post punk, steppers, gnawa, bhangra, qawalli, free jazz, garage, soul jazz, soca, free improv, microhouse, two-step, cumbia, ghetto tech, kwela, hyphy, soul, breakcore, maghrebi, electro, and countless others that have yet to be imagined. We will use the zero-sum solution of the dj mixer to examine how musical ideas are mashed up and reinterperated through post-colonial cultural transmission, and geographic and sonic overlap.

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