Live from The Flow Chart Foundation: Hudson, NY

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Toward opening new possibilities, The Flow Chart Foundation explores poetry and the interrelationships of various art forms as guided by the legacy of American poet John Ashbery and promotes engagement with his work. Poetry is a powerful conduit to exploration, questioning, and resistance to the status quo. The Flow Chart Foundation offers new ways to engage with it and its interplay with other artistic modes. We feature art and artists who help us challenge assumed perceptions of thinking about ourselves, one another and the world. We love artistic work often thought of as “difficult,” and work to offer inviting means for productively engaging with it. By showcasing the widest possible diversity of artists working now—from a variety of cultural, ethnic, gender-identified, and aesthetic backgrounds and viewpoints representing a breadth of generative, exploratory work that defies simple consumption—we expand our ability to question, to speak, to think, to dream, to accomplish. More at