Earwax Productions

Earwax Productions, an award-winning sound design facility in San Francisco, founded in 1984, produces original sound design and music for all media. In addition, it offers a wide array of professional recording studio services (recording booth, CD mastering, audio clean-up, voice editing, etc.). Its group of designers and composers, along with the company's owners, Barney Jones and Jim McKee, work in film, television, radio, multimedia, as well as design/provide audio for tours, museum and theme park installations, toys and electronics, and the Internet. Their projects range from major Hollywood features to educational CD-ROMs, and from online cartoon episodes to interactive museum installations. Earwax Productions Inc. was voted best sound design team in San Francisco and has won honors in The Bay Area Critics Circle awards, Northern California Broadcasters, Association of Independents in Radio, as well as the Academy Award for Francis Ford Coppola's production of Bram Stoker's Dracula.