Erik Belgum

Erik Belgum Portrait Image

Erik Belgum Portrait Image. Courtesy the artist.

EBFN Radio Image

EBFN Radio Image. Created by Erik Belgum. (May 07, 2018)

Erik Belgum has written and produced radio works for ABC (Australia), BBC (England), CBC (Canada), New American Radio, Bayerischer Rundfunk, and Hessischer Rundfunk. In 2003, WDR-Cologne produced a documentary on his work. Belgum has released seven CD’s of audio fiction, which have aired on stations around the world from Hong Kong to Buenos Aires to Vancouver and on dozens of stations throughout the U.S. His CD "Bad Marriage Mantra" has garnered a cult following and he has published short fiction in over thirty literary journals and published two books of fiction, "Star Fiction and Collected Stort Shories." For the last three years, Belgum has run the “Evidence-Based Fiction Network” at (also on iTunes and Youtube), a repository of horrendous comedy and soundtexts. A recipient of numerous commissions and grants, Belgum has also lectured at Bard College, the University of Minnesota, Banff Centre for the Arts, UC Boulder, and Loyola University on the subjects of audio literature, radio, and linguistics in art. By day, he is a speech pathologist listening on an hourly basis to the extremes of speech and language: autism, aphasia, brain injury, methamphetamine-affected children, dehydration, schizophrenia, dementia, and many other extremes of human language.