The Radio Art Hour: Jon Brumit, Erik Belgum, Gregory Whitehead (Audio)

Sep 04, 2021
Produced by Wave Farm Radio Artist Fellows and Artistic Director Tom Roe.
Today's show opens and closes with works from Gregory Whitehead, with "Radio Degree Zero" starting things off, and "Adioradio" ending the show. Then tune in fro works from New American Radio, a weekly national series, from 1987-1998, now in the Wave Farm radio art archives. First tune in for Erik Belgum's 1995 work "Bounced Around" is featured. "Bounced Around" tells the story of a head-on collision between an idealistic law student and a veteran policeman. It is another exploration of what Belgum calls "polyphonic storytelling," a technique that reveals multiple narrative aspects simultaneously. And also tune in to hear Jon Brumit's 2004 work "Catch & Release: Critical Mass." Neighborhood Public Radio is a project led by Lee Montgomery, Linda Arnejo, Michael Trigilio, and Jon Brumit that creates short-term microbroadcasting stations in communities and supports community and artist-created content for broadcast. The projects name, acronym, and even logo are intended as critiques of National Public Radio, making the argument that truly non-commercial and community-based programming can be more powerful and meaningful to people than corporate-sponsored public content. During the 2004 installation of NPR at the Southern Exposure Gallery in San Francisco, artist Jon Brumit hosted a regular program called "Catch & Release," which featured content gleaned from the streets of the neighborhood, as well as interviews and performances by artists and musicians, musings on garbage and revenge, and a live broadcast from Critical Mass in San Francisco. In this, the first episode, Brumits remote transmitter wasnt working so he presented recordings taken from the streets on his Broadcast Bike, a bike modified with a drainpipe to function essentially as a large phono cartridge on the street, amplifying the sounds of potholes and other street textures, as well as recordings from a Honda Civic Brumit modified to become a percussion instrument/traveling performance. - Described by Wave Farm Radio Artist Fellow 2020/2021, Jess Speer.