Investigaciones del Futuro

Investigaciones del Futuro is a nonspecific institution and permanent workshop of thought and construction that works from practice to theory, and not vice versa. While theory usually governs practice, often limiting their possibilities, to move from practice can expand the possibilities of opening different, or perhaps, unsuspected paths.

The practice always changes; it depends on the historical, political, social, economic, and technological circumstances. It depends also on the institutions involved, and above all, the people, their abilities, knowledge, and enthusiasm.

Along with a number of collaborative projects, workshops, events, and a podcast, IF broadcasts a live 24-hour environmental transduction called Radio IF. The building, which is both the perpetual voice and home of the radio, is located in the San Martín neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Radio IF captures the activity, events, encounters, and relationships that are woven into its spaces. Occasionally, the live transmissions of atmospheric, material, and radio-electric variations are also interrupted by humanoid broadcasts from its co-habitants.

Co-operation with other institutions, groups, and people are central to the activity of IF. An essential element in these relationships is listening. Hence, the IF’s motto, SONUS ET VERITAS. By listening to the needs and the desires of the other, IF seeks to create new dialogues that open distinct possibilities of action and relationships that are always variable, mobile, renewable; The IF adapts by prioritizing practice and always based on artist research in the fields of education, urbanism, construction, energy, technology, and the environment. - Informed by, and translated from

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