Sophea Lerner

Sophea Lerner is an australian sonic media artist and broadcaster currently working between Australia, Finland, and India. Her work brings together experience in group devised physical performance with 15 years of experimental radio and new media art into a collaborative art practice which explores mediated temporal experience. Lerner's radiomaking encompasses intricately composed radiophonic projects as well as engineering and production and collectively devised, rapidly executed semi-improvised live broadcasts. Community and creative networks are integral to collaborative aspects of her practice.

She currently runs media and sonic arts courses at the Centre for Music & Technology in Helsinki where she has directed experimental open content fm/hybrid broadcast project ääniradio in Helsinki since 2004 and particle/wave festival of hybrid radio in 2005. In 2006 she was artist in residence at Sarai, New Delhi. She is an active member of the foodradio_network which broadcasts monthly on free103point9.