live feed: Snack City, foodradio network

Mar 01, 2007: 9am- 11am
free103point9 Online Radio

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Live from Delhi foodradio_network presents "live_feed: Snack City" from MediaWalaFestival as the culmination of a two day workshop with local / international / remote participants at Doors 9: JUICE. Exploring the taste, the smell, the sound and the culture and politics of streetfood. Radio foodies and remote snack surfers take to the streets amidst current debates about street sustinence and contested urban space… come and listen to the food on the street!

The live_feed snackline is now open for mediations on streetfood and snacksurfing. Can you imagine a city without snacks…? Tell us what tickles your tastebuds: record voicemail on the snackline by skyping 'livefeed.'

If you are in Delhi : Call and turn your phone into a microphone!
1 - PHONE 9818977450 (Delhi)
2 - Listen for it to RING TWICE and go quiet.
3 - You are ON AIR on the open call in.

Snack City has been cooked up with ingredients from...
Sophea Lerner, Kaustubh Srikanth, Himanshu Khatri, Priya Sen and CM Lab, Aastha Chauhan, Andrew Burrell, Visa Kuoppala, James Andean, Andrew Burrell, Andrew Paterson, Amanda A. Hendrix, Participants from Juice/Doors 9, Volunteers at Mediawala Festival and the Snackwalas of Delhi.
14:30-16:30 UTC
20:00-22:00 Delhi
16:30-18:30 Helsinki
09:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. EST (-5 GMT) New York
06:30-08:30 San Francisco
Fri 01:30-03:30 Sydney