Radiophonic 2007

Oct 28, 2007: 3pm- 7pm

Live event for Radiophonic 2007 streamed live on free103point9 Online Radio and Radio Corax, Resonance FM, Radio Campus, Grenouille, SounDart Radio, Lemurie, Radio Zero, and Radio Panik. Sophea Lerner with Ravi Agarwal will contribute the free103point9 part of the collabortion, with a piece about the contamination of the River Yamuna, live from Dehli, India.
From 3 p.m. ET to 7 p.m. ET. From New York to Lisbon, the radio stations of the creative network RADIA will make a live broadcast of the performances taking place at the festival’s venue. The contributions from abroad will be «contaminated» by artists on stage, in Brussels. This collective performance in real-time will be introduced by Knut Aufermann and Sarah Washington (Resonance104.4fm, Mobile Radio), Pierre De Jaeger (acsr, Radio swap, Radio Campus), Etienne Noiseau (acsr, Radio Grenouille), Ricardo Reis (Radio Zero) and DinahBird.

With stream from:

20:20 - Rádio Zero (Lisbon, PT): Paulo Raposo

20:40 - Radio Corax (Halle, DE)

21:00 - Radio Grenouille (Marseille, FR): Tante Hortense + Eddy Godeberge

21:40 - Lemurie TAZ (Praha, CZ): Jan Dufek, Ladin Zelezny, Stana Abraham + Milos Vojtechovsky

22:20 - Backyard Radio (Berlin, DE): Diana McCarty + Pit Schultz

23:00 - Resonance104.4fm (London, UK): Piers Gibbon

23:20 - free103point9 (New York, US): Sophea Lerner with Ravi Agarwal

And live at the chapel:

20:00 - Anton Aeki for Radio Campus (Brussels)

21:20 - La brocante sonore (Alain Bolle, Anthony Carcone, Jacques Foschia, Cyrille Flament and Marc Reijmenants) will capture instants from the airwaves, using shortwave receivers, FM, atmospheric noises, sometimes indiscreet microphones, and sounds recorded in the street, at the cinema, in nature, from a guitar, and ordinary gestures.

22:00 - Radiopinzani for Radio Panik (Brussels)

22:40 - Tonic Train is the name of the duo of Knut Aufermann and Sarah Washington. They employ homemade electronic instruments as well as micro fm transmitters to create an abstract sound world that integrates acoustic and electromagnetic waves.

23:40 - closing of the festival, broadcast finishes at 24:00