Saturday Night Special Yvette Janine Jackson

Feb 10, 2018: 8pm - 9:59 pm
WGXC 90.7-FM: Hands-on Radio

Standing Wave Radio

The first hour of tonight's Saturday Night Special features a three-part program of recorded works by radio opera artist Yvette Janine Jackson.

Part I: Invisible People (A Radio Opera) - Episode 1: Deliverance (20 min.) Invisible People is a series of compositions based on the negative outpouring that followed Barack Obama's approval of marriage equality and the silence of the invisible people whose voices were excluded from the media. The "libretto" is from found text from sources including sermons, speeches, religious literature, reparation therapy brochures, and internet trolls. Fixed media (stereo, octophonic, ambisonic) presented at Conrad Prebys Music Center, La Jolla, CA; Audiorama, Stockholm, Sweden; Østre, Bergen, Norway. Live performance presented at Space 4 Art, San Diego, CA.

Part II: Invisible People (21:58) This acoustic EP presents a "behind the scenes" perspective of Jackson's electroacoustic radio operas like "Invisible People (A Radio Opera)" and "Swan." These studio sessions feature Samuel Ekkehardt Dunscombe (bass clarinet), Michiko Ogawa (bass clarinet), Richard Savery (baritone saxophone, bass clarinet), Bonnie Lander (voice), Judith Hamann (violoncello), Shayla James (viola), Josh Weinstein (prepared piano), Tommy Babin (double bass), Kjell Nordeson (percussion), Juan Rubio (drums), and Yvette Janine Jackson (piano, trumpet).

Part III: Swan (10:45 min) Swan is a musical journey that begins aboard an historic tallship transporting Africans to the Americas and morphs into a futuristic voyage to freedom.