Saturday Morning Serial Save As - Supercuts

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Oct 7, 2017: 11am - 12pm
WGXC 90.7-FM: Hands-on Radio

Wave Farm Radio

Wave Farm welcomes Ben Sisto to the WGXC Acra Studio for this live Saturday Morning Serial broadcast.

Save As is a series of audio-only clips downloaded from video streaming sites by artist Ben Sisto. For the inaugural episode on Wave Farm, Sisto has pulled together sounds from his favorite supercuts--videos in which a fan / hobbyist has collected every phrase, action and/or cliche from an episode or series of some show, film or game into a video montage [Andy Baio, 2008]. Listeners will be treated to such hits as Romeo Tran's "Every Gear Change In The Fast And Furious Series" and Phil Norden's "Movie Phone Hangups."