WGXC Record Fair 2018

Sep 16, 2018: 9am - 4pm
Basilica Hudson

Wave Farm’s WGXC presents the WGXC Record Fair in partnership with Basilica Hudson. Vendors from across the northeast gather in Basilica’s Main Hall to sell vinyl, CDs, cassette tapes, DVDs, plus books, musical equipment and instruments, and radio-related ephemera. The plentiful WGXC tables are a digger’s dream, with a variety of affordably priced records in all genres.

  • EARLY-BIRD ADMISSION | 9 a.m. - 10 a.m. | $10
  • GENERAL ADMISSION | 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. | FREE!
  • RAFFLE | Win gift certificates to regional record stores and eateries
  • AFTER PARTY | @ The Half Moon, 5 p.m. - Late | Hosted by DJ Uncle Rudy. Suggested donation $5, no one turned away.
  • Admission & table fees benefit creative community radio station WGXC 90.7-FM.

    The WGXC Record Fair coincides with Basilica SoundScape (Sept 14-16), an immersive, innovative weekend of art, music, and culture, which draws an audience in the thousands. Conceptual sound performances, author readings, installations, collaborations, curated local vendors and artisans, and on-site activities.

    The day of the fair, WGXC will be raffling off a Regional Record Lover's Tour Package, with gift certificates generously donated by Feeding Tube Records in Northampton, Jack's Rhythms in New Paltz, John Doe Records and Books in Hudson, Spike's Record Rack in Catskill, HiLo café in Catskill, and more!

    The WGXC Record Fair Committee is a volunteer committee which supports the WGXC Record Fair. The 2018 members are: Frederick Arnold, Alex Benson, Ted Barron, Chris Bishop, Rudy Mungaray, Jess Puglisi, and Michael Wilde. If you're interested in getting involved, email recordfair@wgxc.org.


    Select Quantity of 6-foot Tables


    Vinyl Salvage Co. will be bringing 4 crates of new arrivals as always!!! Two tables full of psych, garage, prog, metal, punk, power pop, jazz, funk, soul, blues, reggae, sitar, world, electronic, classic rock, southern rock, country rock, folk, country, Grateful Dead, Beatles, Talking Heads, Led Zeppelin, Bowie, The Clash, etc. plus some great CD's at cheap/fair prices, most $3 each, 4 for $10, more quality titles priced between $5 & $20!! 100+ 45's mainly Beatles, Beach Boys, Doors, garage, punk, hardcore, etc.!!! A few cool T-shirts and posters!!

    Get Awesome Records: Vinyl, CDs, and tapes of new and used, rare and out of print, obscure and mainstream, metal, hardcore, punk, noise, industrial, electronic, post-punk, post-rock, pysch etc.

    Ray Rivers: clean, collectible 60s/ 70s rock, soul, jazz, blues, soundtracks, electronic, experimental LPs. many sealed.

    Underwater Panther Coalition: Mostly records and some tapes. Plus some music related merchandise and audio gear.

    Worstkind Collective: a growing record label/ artist collective based out of Brooklyn, focusing mainly on cassettes. Selling current collection of cassette pressings (S L O E - R U L E / a goth dancewave 10 track album, JUST - Operation Broadway Series / a collection of post punk singles, and My Aim Is True - Trying to Trap the Son of a Fisherman / originally released in 2010 a post hardcore indie rock hidden gem). Worstkind will also be carrying some exclusive mixtapes specifically pressed for the fair. We will have approximately 4 crates of curated vintage records as well, and a small line of used electronics (cassette players, headphones, etc...) Tees, Socks, and other branded merchandise will also be available in limited amounts.

    Weird Babes Digest Zines: Works-in-progress cassettes aligned with the zine's objective to release ideas into the world that you think are not ready, without the pressure of needing it to be ready. Think more a means to the end. To reach a different audience outside of your Instagram account. The zine highlights works-in-progress, thoughts-in-process....digest ideas. I currently sell them at Mast, Molasses, Topos, and previously Pioneer Books.

    Jason Scheller

    Golden Music Company will be selling 45s and LPs, with emphasis on novelty, humor, esoteric sounds, oddball packaging, items not sold through record stores, etc. Ask about 78s, tapes, and other formats! We'll also have music on vinyl, both hits and non-hit obscurities, from the 1960s to the 2000s. We'll have books and zines related to music as space permits. Look for the golden-yellow wooden bins.

    Lees Browne: 1960's Non Top 40 singles in Near Mint shape of Rock, Pop & imports, Picture sleeves, etc. No common 45's. ++ 1950's to 1970's LP's of all types: Rock, Jazz, Soundtracks, Obscure, Imports, Pop, Asian Dance LP's from Singapore, Thailand, etc.

    Alex Benson (from WGXC's "2045") will be selling northern soul, reggae, and disco 45s; soul, jazz, and Latin LPs; and 90s hip-hop singles.

    Trash American Style: new, used, rare, common, weird, normal, vintage, current..... all excellent. On record, cassette, cd, 8 track, and more more more.

    CJ Dentato will be selling 1,200 Rock & Roll LPs plus songbooks, tour books, rock photos and memorabilia, and a guitar or two.

    Chris Bishop/Garage Hangover: 45s: Garage, soul, funk, international, r&b, surf, rockabilly and country LPs: lots of rock - Judas Priest, Deep Purple, Zep, lots of Neil Young, Floyd, etc. plus some garage, psych & soul oddities Rare concert posters from New Orleans circa 1988, and many books on music.

    Spike Priggen will be bringing a nice selection of bargain priced LPs and CDs.

    Patchouli Julie: Great selection of Rock, Jazz, R&B, Funk, Blues, and much more on vinyl. Also bringing handmade tie dye.

    Wave Farm's WGXC 90.7-FM will have multiple tables of great finds at very low prices amassed from generous donations of music collections to the station throughout the year. LPs, CDs, Wave Farm and WGXC merch and more.

    Basilica Hudson will be selling a range of merch from SoundScape 2018 and past Basilica events from throughout its eight seasons of arts and culture programming.

    DJ Lunar Moss: will be selling a mix of 60's to now, rarities from France to Brazil, dance 12's, as well as a couple handcrafted decoupage record cases. And, DJ Uncle Rudy: Details coming soon.

    Tim Broun: Vinyl records (rock, jazz, reggae, punk, post punk, new wave).

    Bash and Pop Records: New & Used collectible vinyl. Jazz, Funk, Punk, Metal & Blues! Hip-Hop, Disco, Reggae, Psych & Soul! Something for everyone! Vinyl from the 1950's thru today!

    iea (Institute for Electronic Arts): CDs from Alfred's iea.

    Leonard Nevarez + Christopher Funkhouser: Selling 80s, 70s, old-time country and pop, house/techno, a few oddities & various DIY publications

    Matthew Wagner: Details coming soon.

    Jerome Tomko: LPs/ 45s / Sixties thru eighties rock, psych, punk, soul, jazz etc.

    Evan Lindorff-Ellery: Details coming soon.

    The Magic Stranger: The Magic Stranger has 78s and LPs of all genres and all records will be priced to sell!

    Hausu Mountain: With one tentacle threaded through the US noise underground and one ear fixed on a worldwide online network of freak-friendly minds, the Hausu Mountain label has pumped a diverse menu of experimental music from its volcanic peak at a steady clip since 2012. Founded in Chicago by musicians and roommates Doug Kaplan (who records as MrDougDoug) and Max Allison (who records as Mukqs), the label originally served as a home for their own projects, including the trio Good Willsmith. As Kaplan and Allison discover new projects from touring the DIY circuit and scraping through the strangest corners of the internet, the label’s wide catalog grows to encompass everything from otherworldly synthesizer composition to frantic beat production in the IDM tradition to strains of free jazz infused with electronics alongside horns or drums – onward through any number of genre-bending mutations you might find in the “???” or “Avant/Noise” bin in your local record store. As much as Hausu Mountain’s releases diverge in terms of style, the label’s aesthetic hinges on the conception of music as a force to both challenge listeners and entertain them in equal measure. Any given release resists stasis, skips at will through disparate musical vocabularies, and leads listeners through dense sonic narratives that defy expectations as each new idea or unpredictable juxtaposition pierces through the cosmic jelly. In addition to LPs and cassettes from the label, we will have a selection of used records culled from our personal collections and adventures.

    Rewind Intl / Gridspace: LPs, 45s and CDs from cheap items to collectibles ranging in genres from Jazz, Classic Rock, Psych, Garage, Punk, Post-punk, Industrial, International, Electronic and much more. Will also have vintage posters from 1960's - 90's, books and assorted music gear.

    John Doe Records and Books: Obscure and not so obscure records, cassettes, books and also ephemera that perfectly blends in with the historical yet forward thinking tradition of Hudson, brought to you by Dan Bunny.

    Bittersweet Candy: Hand made, small batch, record fair related chocolates, candies & unique gifts