Patrick Quinn

Patrick Quinn is a Brooklyn-based artist + hacker + researcher + activist investigating civil disobedience, remix theory, the commodification of sub-cultures, subversive locative media, and how information is weaponized in the Digital Age. His participatory projects aim to problematize the concepts of property and surveillance in hopes of activating communities and generating social change. His latest project SURVANT utilizes USB dead drops, which are anonymous, offline, peer-to-peer file-sharing networks installed in public spaces (physical + digital), and citizen captured video recordings to create inverse surveillance logs of surveillance cameras. Quinn believes that by engaging community members in transgressive tradecraft, citizens will be able to demystify the symbolic power and influence the surveillance apparatus has over them. Quinn is currently a graduate student at Vermont College of Fine Arts, and also works as a field coordinator at New York Road Runners (Youth and Community Services division) establishing track and field programs in underserved New York City schools. Before relocating to Brooklyn, he lived in Chicago where he studied new media and experimental music at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

#ditherd00m #survant #dirtynewmedia #remix #harshnoise #tradecraft #thecommons #hyperinclusionary #participatory