12 Miles Out

2005, 5:22 min.

Writes neurotransmitter, "12 Miles Out is a visual and sound installation that merges analog radio transmission with line drawing. Specifically referencing Radio Caroline, this work continues our exploration of offshore (pirate) radio practices prevalent in the 1960's and 1970's. Installed, the drawing-as-antenna represents a blueprint of one in a fleet of Radio Caroline ships. A sound collage – created from archived broadcasts of Radio Caroline and sound recordings of a voyage taken out to sea – is transmitted through the antenna drawing and received by radios placed within the exhibition environment."12 Miles Out was included in the exhibition Airborne Apr 09, 2005 - Jun 04, 2005 New Museum for Contemporary Art, organized by Anne Barlow and Defne Ayas in collaboration with Wave Farm (formerly known as free103point9).