12 Miles Out (Audio)

Jan 15, 2020
Created by neuroTransmitter (2005). Introduced by Karen Werner.
12 Miles Out was created by the New York-based neuroTransmitter, a project of Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere that was active between 2001-2008. 12 Miles Out was realized in 2005 in conjunction with the exhibition Airborne at the New Museum for Contemporary Art in New York coorganized by Wave Farm (then known as free103point9.) The work was exhibited for many years as an installation rather than as a piece made solely for radio broadcast. 12 Miles Out is an example of radio art that addresses radio as content, as material, and as a space; the piece is also a kind of archive of pirate radio, an archive within the archive. Here is neuroTransmitter’s description of the piece: “12 Miles Out is a visual and sound installation that merges analog radio technology and line drawing. This work continues neuroTransmitter’s exploration of offshore pirate radio practice prevalent in Europe in the 1960s and 1970s, and in the US a decade later. Pirate radio is a tactic that undermines corporate media domination, and occupies the privatized space of radio bandwidth for noncommercial interests. 12 Miles Out specifically references Radio Caroline, one of the most infamous offshore radio ships. Installed, the drawing ‘represents’ a Radio Caroline ship circa 1964, setting the scene for the radio broadcast. The audio composition mixes live and ambient sound recordings of an ocean voyage neuroTransmitter took out into international waters; archival material from Radio Caroline broadcasts; and audio that references offshore pirate radio and the shifts in territorial boundaries that govern the sea. Multiple radios within the exhibition space are be tuned to the project’s transmission frequency, or viewers can bring their own radios in order to listen to the work.” The audio portion of 12 Miles Out is a five-minute loop. - Introduced by Wave Farm Radio Artist Fellow 2019/2020, Karen Werner.