Myke Dodge Weiskopf

Myke Dodge Weiskopf is a radio producer, historian, and scholar based in Los Angeles, CA. Born in the industrial Midwest, he spent his adolescence listening to the faraway strains of Radio Bulgaria, Radio Cairo, and others via shortwave radio. He began making his own field recordings via radio in 1990, traveling to England, Australia, Greece, and elsewhere. He began publishing and lecturing on shortwave radio in 1992. He moved to Boston in 1995 and formed the electronic art-pop group Science Park in 1997, releasing three CDs on his own Obscure-Disk imprint. Concurrently continuing his radio work, he contributed to the legendary Conet Project 4xCD anthology of shortwave spy “numbers stations” and began work on At The Tone, the historical project featured in this book. In 2001, he abandoned pop music and turned to sound-art composition and experimental radio broadcasting, including commissions and productions for ABC Radio National Australia, American Repertory Theatre, Cambridge Community TV, and Harvard University Radio WHRB. In 1995, he founded the blog Shortwavemusic, dedicated to the preservation of music and/or musical noise as received via shortwave radio. He published a commemorative CD anthology of his music and sound-art entitled 30: A Retrospective 1976-2006, in observance of his 30th birthday. He is currently a producer for L.A. Theatre Works, which is heard on NPR member stations across the United States, and is at work on a number of other historical CD/book volumes, including Haze All Quadrants, an anthology of low-frequency aeronautical ranges of the early 1960s, and a box set, Interval Signals, co-authored with producer David Goren. Subscribe to his blog at for further news and updates.