Sally Ann McIntyre / radio cegeste

Sally Ann McIntyre Portrait

Sally Ann McIntyre Portrait. Photographed by Campbell Walker.

Amplify conversation about pirate radio and night radio.

Amplify conversation about pirate radio and night radio.. Photo from Zoom feed. (Oct 25, 2023)

Radio Cegeste

Radio Cegeste. Sally Ann McIntyre

Sally Ann McIntyre is an artist, writer, and expanded radio-maker from Aotearoa New Zealand/lutruwita Tasmania living in Naarm Melbourne. Her research-led practice has paid increasing attention to sites where ecological and cultural narratives (recorded/transmitted signals/empiricism/documentary/zoologic museum collections) meet unheard, unremembered, untranscribed, or untranslated aspects of geographies (bad reception/pseudoscience/silence/extinction/electromagnetism/noise). Often working critically with the sonic representation of environments, the one-way collecting drives of the practice of field recording, conceived as a form of technologized “voluntary memory,” meet a contrasting, liminal “involuntary memory” often gleaned from the practice of small-scale radio transmission as a form of two-way, site-receptive “fieldwork” and an associated focus on revealing the chaotic nature of the inaudible energy spectrum. McIntyre teaches at the University of Melbourne, Monash University, and Deakin University in Media and Communications, Literary Studies and the Creative Arts.