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Nuestra Musica: Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela

Nov 27, 2020: 12pm - 2pm
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90.7-FM in NY's Upper Hudson Valley and wgxc.org/listen everywhere

Hosted by Mariano Vera.

The last of a series of shows with segments of 1/2 hour dedicated to one of each country we play in our show. We are presenting 22 countries and one territory so each show will have a different country until all of them have been represented, for a total of six weeks. This week we are presenting:
Spain: Music from Galicia, Basque Country, and Cataluna
Uruguay: Candombes, Tangos, Milongas and Nueva Cancion
Venezuela: Llaneros, Rock, Pasillos, Nueva Cancion

The show explores the native instruments, languages and traditions played in 22 countries and one territory. Other than Spanish and Portuguese, Nuestra Musica presents songs in the following languages: Quechua, Mapuche, Guarani, Nahuatl, Gallego, Spanish Basque, and Catalan. Among many styles we present: Tango, Chacarera, Baguala, Zamba with a Z and Samba with and S, Bossa Nova, Cumbia, Llanero, Vallenato, Merengue, Parrandera, Son, Bolero, Ranchera, Corrido, Marimba, Fado, Flamenco, Sevillanas, Jota, Blues, Jazz, Danzon, and Mambo. The Countries are: Argentina // Bolivia // Brazil // Cape Verde // Chile // Colombia // Costa Rica // Cuba // Dominican Republic // Ecuador // El Salvador // Guatemala // Honduras // Mexico // Nicaragua // Panama // Paraguay // Peru // Portugal // Puerto Rico // Spain // Uruguay // Venezuela //. Show comes from WSLR 96.5 LP FM Sarasota, FL.