WGXC-90.7 FM

Itinerant Mind: Gatherings- spaces, peoples, sounds

Sep 15, 2018: 11am - 11:59 am
WGXC 90.7-FM: Radio for Open Ears

90.7-FM in NY's Upper Hudson Valley and wgxc.org/listen everywhere

Standing Wave Radio

wavefarm.org/listen and 1620-AM at Wave Farm

Performed by Morrad + McArthur.

This month we have continued our collaborations with guests Fouad el Baidouri and Ross Oliver, and have invited artist Nathan Baxter into the mix. Ross and Nathan are part of the artist-run collective General Practice who we have worked with previously. Our program this month draws on a diversity of inputs - it’s essentially a DJ mix taking in (1) Annie’s new pieces for The Grid - our year-long Project Anyhere work; (2) live improvisations conducted at the General Practice Studio in Lincoln UK with Ross Oliver (prepared guitar, contact microphone) and Nathan Baxter (found material on audio tape and loop pedals) working at opposite ends of their large studio space and Annie occupying a space between them; (3) Annie and Fouad improvising; and (4) Ian bringing these sources together with additional generative soundscapes and improvised rhythm experiments using Max patches, edited drum presets, field recordings with processed and sampled website audio.

Annie Morrad and Ian McArthur live at opposite ends of the planet. They compose and play collaborative sound work and live performances through the use of digital software Mixlr and Skype. For live events McArthur broadcasts electronic sounds, field recordings and live mixing. Morrad plays live improvised alto and tenor saxophone against these. For their recorded sound work the starting points vary from being concept driven to "I've got this idea…."