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What's The Frequency, Kenneth?: Mixed Messages Unscrambled

Apr 14, 2021: 4am - 5am
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Hosted by Paul Fischer.

Host Paul Fischer used to work for Dan Rather (hence the title of the show), and now remixes the news each week with new music.

The Gaetz of Wrath. Unions Vs. Amazon. Officer-involved Shooting. Again. CEO's Vs. GOP. Q and A: Doocy and Psaki. Manchin+ Biden.= Bi-Partisan? J&J: Pause and Effect. And Fauci. (Told Through Narration,Music and Soundbites).
Combine Harvester Opposite Sex High Drama. self released Opposite Sex 2021 04:22 Mr. Perfectly Fine (From The Vault) Taylor Swift Fearless ( Taylor's Version). Republic Rec 2021 04:38 Taste Editrix Tell Me I'm Bad. Exploding In Sound 2021 03:06 We Gotta Get Out of This Place The Animals single. MGM Rec 1965 03:17 Sick Day Fountains of Wayne Fountains of Wayne. Atlantic Rec 1996 04:33 The People Vs. The Rest of Us Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble Now. International Anthem Rec 2021 03:34 The Panther Laura Veirs single. self released Laura Veirs 2021 04:04 Bullfrog Choirs Told Slant Point The Flashlight and Walk. Double Double Whammy 2020 03:30 Broken Refrigerator Noda Yuki Soda Sickness. self released Noda Yuki 2021 03:32 Verdolen Andrew Heath and Anne Chris Bakker How To Breathe Like A Stone. WhiteLab Rec 2021 06:04 In The Fade The Lost Days Lost Demos EP. The Long Road Society Rec 2021 02:03 In The Garden Ronnie and Clyde single. self released Ronnie and Clyde 2021 03:55 The Trembling of Glass Rachika Nayar Our Hands Against The Dusk. NNA Tapes Rec 2021 03:28 BNR Crumb single. self released Crumb 2021 03:01 An Exhale Leon Vynehall Rare, Forever. Ninja Tune Rec 2021 04:22 LED Museum Freelove Fenner The Punishment Zone. self released Freelove Fenner 2021 02:26 Additional Credits This program contains soundbites...including...excerpts Rep. Matt Gaetz gives defiant speech to MAGA women at Trump Doral... excerpts Fritz Scheller Q and A ..attorney for Gaetz "wing man" Joel Greenberg...says Gaetz should be concerned that Greenberg will make a plea deal.... Q and A Liz Cheney react to Trump and Gaetz (FACE).. Montage/Mix Mashup...Amazon 1 Union 0...with fragments of coverage ( WIAT CBS 42 and CBS N) unionization vote fail at Amazon Bessemer Alabama facility..Biden on unions...Emmet Ashford, Linda Burns, Stuart Applebaum (union rep)...Terri Sewell, Jennifer Bates (CNN).. Bernie react to Amazon and union vote ( MSNBC).. Another Body Cam. Another body. excerpts the police shooting death of 20 year old Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minn...nat snd post shooting unrest (WCCO Minn)...(CBS News)... Mayor Mike Elliot...Police Chief Tim Gannon ( now resigned)... Jen Psaki, W.H. press secy gives point by point rebuttal when Fox News Peter Doocy asserts Colorado election laws are more restrictive than the Ga election law...after MLB shifts All Star game from Atlanta to Denver... excerpts Mitch McConnell..re Ga boycott... takes withering mockery when he says corporations should stay out of politics.. and clarifies his remarks the next day... nat snd...Biden holds bipartisan infrastructure plan meeting at W.H.. with dem Joe Manchin insisting the final deal should have GOP support... J&J on hold. new travel guidelines for the vaccinated. Mich. among states fearing a "4th wave" ( CDC/FDA Dr, Woodcock, Dr. Marks, Mich Gov Whitmer and state health officials...Fauci at W.H. J&J Q and A... from C Span, media and political websites...for illustrative, analysis and commentary purposes.