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Trance-Formational Listening: Kafi Kanhra

Jun 14, 2021: 11am - 11:59 am
WGXC 90.7-FM: Radio for Open Ears

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Hosted by Dennis Darrah.

Music from around the world is featured. Bringing the audience into the realm of other cultures through music, hopefully expanding empathy for the “other,” and recognizing that “other” in ourselves. From WGDR, Goddard College Plainfield, VT. wgdr.org/. 2012 saw the release of a project out of Pakistan called "Indus Raag-Music Beyond Borders". Spread over 12 CDs it brought together North Indian Classical musicians from Muslim majority Pakistan and Hindu majority India. Today we sample a bit of music from that box set. Label: Tehzeeb Foundation Album: "Indus Raag-Gold Edtion" (12 CDs).
1) Track 40: Hemavati (flute)
2) Track 46: Kafi Kanhra (vocal)
3) Track 43: Kafi Sindhi Bhaivri (shehnai)
4) Track 41: Sufi Kalam (vocal)
5) Track 42: Kafi (vocal)
6) Track 62: Jhaptaal (tabla/sitar) (fade)