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Vital Weekly: Kitten Sparkles

Nov 23, 2016: 1am - 2am
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Assembled by Vital Weekly email magazine.

Excerpts from the best new experimental music in the world. Vital Weekly is an e-mail magazine, which appears 48 times a year and has the latest cd-reviews and news on concerts and festivals. To subscribe go here: http://www.vitalweekly.net/intro.html
This week: tracklist for Vital Weekly 1057: 0000 Tune 0014 Orchestramaxfieldparrish - Ennoae 0324 Homogenized Terrestrials - Flimal 5 0632 Otso - Banshee 0939 Gigi Masin - Venezia 2016 1249 Vortex - Hunted 1558 Orchestramaxfieldparrish - A Walk Amongst The Raindrops 1907 omrr - Sins & Wine 2215 Orchestramaxfieldparrish - Part 2 2525 Kitten Sparkles - Omaggio A Rune Lindblad 2835 [Multer] - Köln 4/11/2006 3144 Beyond Sensory Experience - The Unfolding 3453 City Medicine - Part 1 3754 Larb - Comin' All On Upside Yeh Head 4103 Shrine - The Silent Apocalypsea 4413 Orifice 4708 Tune On this page you will find so-called 'podcasts' for Vital Weekly. From issue 480 onwards we will have every week a MP3 file with excerpts of the some music reviewed that week. You can download this to your ipod (or of course any other MP3 player) and listen to it as a radio programm. Shows will remain on this site for a limited amount of time only. Feed at: http://www.vitalweekly.net/podcast.xml Also on Mixcloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/vitalweekly/ tracklist for Vital Weekly 1045: 0000 Tune 0014 De Fabriek - Operatie Schijtlaars 0323 Rapoon - A Far Light 0644 Mogador - I 0954 Tim Olive & Anne-F Jacques - School Of Museum Of Fine Arts 1303 Floris von Anelm - In Closing Season 1611 øjeRum - Vaev 1919 No Mask Effect - Denver 2226 Arvo Zylo - Body Of Defective Memories 2535 Nurse With Wound - Lonely Poisonous Mushroom 2842 K. Leimer - Ordinary Music 3154 Todd Anderson-Kunert - You Just Know 3500 Wolfram - Nxzhe 3809 Ilia Belorukov - There Was Hardly Anybody There 4119 Thirteen Hurts - Transmitter 4426 Tune
Vital started in 1987 as magazine on paper. It's simple xeroxed form ensured a free copyright and everybody was encouraged to make copies and distribute them freely. Up until 1995 44 issues were made and with the arrival of the Internet, Vital changed into a pure review newsletter and since then it appears weekly. Still as a free service and still without copyright. In the future we hope to get the old paper issues online too. Vital Weekly also makes a audio podcast each week excerpting the works being reviewed. The second and fourth Saturdays two episodes air on Wave Farm Radio and WGXC from 12:05 p.m. to 2 p.m.