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What's The Frequency, Kenneth?: RINOS Have Horns

Jun 23, 2022: 2pm - 3pm
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Hosted by Paul Fischer.

Host Paul Fischer used to work for Dan Rather (hence the title of the show), and now remixes the news each week with new music. Revenge of the RINOS at the Jan 6 Committee hearings. Slow draw in the Senate on new gun laws. The Mega-Drought in the West. NASA will investigate UFO's ( You mean they weren't up to now?) Trump V. Raskin. ( Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites).

Cold Low End Activist Hostile Utopia. Sneaker Social Club Rec 2022 05:07 It's A Cold World Kelley Stoltz The Stylist. self released Kelley Stoltz 2022 04:46 Is This What You Wanted Barbie Bertisch Prelude. Love Injection Rec 2022 05:06 Inia Anteloper Pink Dolphins. International Anthem Rec 2022 04:34 Monochrome (excerpt) Quentin Tolomieri Monochromes. Elsewhere Music Rec 2022 04:07 Protection Angela Winter Sonic Essences. self released Angela Winter 2022 05:05 Sick Betrayal Organs Obsolete Organs Obsolete. self released Organs Obsolete 2022 04:52 Melting Warpaint Radiate Like This. Virgin Rec 2022 05:08 California Bonny Light Horsemen Rolling Golden Holy. 37dO3d Rec 2022 03:17 When I Was A Girl In Colorado Judy Collins Spellbound. Cleopatra Rec 2022 05:00 Up In The Sky Waxahatchee el Deafo OST. Merge Rec 2022 02:02 Brighter Than A Star or Planet Free The Robots Kaduwa. Asteral Travels Rec 2022 03:21 Gattaca Leon Vincent Silent Cities. Novel Sound Rec 2022 04:24 Participation Abby From Mars My Second Debut Album. self released Abby From Mars 2022 02:37 Zome Primer Ghost Power Ghost Power. Duophonic Super '45's 2022 01:43 My Other People TV Priest My Other Power. SubPop Rec 2022 03:30 Additional Credits This program contains soundbites..including opening montage of excerpts from Jan 6 hearing on Trump and Co. pressure on state and local officials and even election workers to try to overturn the election... montage.. committee releases video contradicting GOP claims that no tours of The Capitol were given to outsiders before Jan 6..showing Rep Barry Loudermilk giving a tour on Jan 5...and one participant was at the Capitol during the protest making threats against Pelosi and other dems( nat snd)... Loudermilk denies any wrongdoing( Q and A)...committee member Zoe Lofgren react.. says if true, then why won't Loudermilk agree to testify to the committee... Q and A Sen Mike Lee has concerns about the gun law deal being worked on in The Senate (Fox News Sunday)... Mega Drought in The West..Senate hearing montage...with excerpts from committee chair, Sen Bennett..ranking republican Sen Roger Marshall,, Colo River Water Conservation District Manager Mueller, Western States Water Council Chief Engineer, Earl Lewis.. Ducks Unlimited Senior Sci, Dr. Ellen Herbert.. Q and A Sen Bennett and Mueller.. NASA to investigate UFO's..excerpts NASA Assoc Admin for Sci, Thomas Zerbuchen, David Spengel Astrophysicist, Dan Evans, NASA Research... Trump vs. Raskin re: Pence ( MTP)...from C Span, media and political outlets..for illustrative, analysis and commentary purposes.