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Special Remote Broadcast: SLEEP1237 PERFORMA 19 NYC, Shu Lea Cheang & Matthew Fuller

Nov 02, 2019: 5:51 pm - Nov 03, 2019: 6:28 am
SLEEP1237, a performance by Shu Lea Cheang at Performa 19 Image

SLEEP1237, a performance by Shu Lea Cheang at Performa 19 Image. Courtesy Shu Lea Cheang. (Nov 02, 2019)

SLEEP1237, a performance by Shu Lea Cheang at Performa 19 Reader Flier

SLEEP1237, a performance by Shu Lea Cheang at Performa 19 Reader Flier. Courtesy Shu Lea Cheang. (Nov 02, 2019)

Performa Logo

Performa Logo. (Oct 30, 2019)

Performa 19 is pleased to present SLEEP1237, a performance by pioneering new media artist Shu Lea Cheang and new media scholar Matthew Fuller, exploring the cultural and physical expressions of sleep. The event will take place over the course of 12 hours and 37 minutes in the Performa Hub, a temporary space for programming during the biennial in downtown New York City. Recalling the aesthetics of Fluxus, performers will read audience members to sleep overnight with each reading to last one hour, creating what the artist refers to as a “Sonata of Sleep.” Readers will include a consortium of New York culture maevens and be live broadcast on Wave Farm's WGXC 90.7-FM in New York's Upper Hudson Valley.

Reading for sleeping

5:51pm–6:56pm (followed by 3 minute intermission)
Martha Rosler reads The Battle for WBAI-FM Pacifica Radio

6:59pm–8:04pm (followed by 3 minute intermission)
Lawrence Chua reads “Colonization of the night” from Wirayuth Pisali's กรุงเทพยามราตรี (Midnight Bangkok, 2014)

8:07pm–9:12pm (followed by 3 minute intermission)
exonemo reads texts from Natsuki Ikezawa’s Nihongo (2016) selected by Yukiko Shikata.

9:15pm–10:20pm (followed by 3 minute intermission)
Phumzile Sitole reads Pantone color codes

10:23pm–11:28pm (followed by 3 minute intermission)
Surya Mattu reads FACEBOOK Inc. Patent No. US9485423B2

11:31pm–00:36am (followed by 3 minute intermission)
McKenzie Wark reads instructions and warnings for hormone replacement therapy medicine.

00:39am–01:44am (followed by 3 minute intermission)
Jason Lucas reads The Joy of Life (1978) by Elliot Goldwag

01:47am–*01:52am (*DST time change)- (followed by 3 minute intermission)
Morehshin Allahyari reads The Blind Owl (1936) by Sadegh Hedayat

01:55am–03:00am (followed by 3 minute intermission)
Larissa Pham reads The First 10,000 Primes

03:03am–04:08am (followed by 3 minute intermission)
Shu Lea Cheang reads draw face (code by Jason Lee for 3x3x6 2019)

04:11am–05:16am (followed by 3 minute intermission)
Jenny Zhang reads Wendy Davis's filibuster to block Senate Bill 5 (2013)

05:19am–06:24 am (followed by 4 minute intermission)
Dennis Yi Tenen reads Typewriting Behavior (1936) by August Dvorak

Intermission Sound Design: Lullaby Down, Kaffe Matthews
at 6:28am, walk out, walk to the river front, breakfast (New York take out style) at Pier 34 at Hudson River Park.

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